Hello there, name is Maggie Zam. I am a mommy to two beautiful kiddos and we LOVE to go out and explore! I love everything photography, art, design, diy projects, foodie, and the list goes on. I’m the type of person who prefers to be behind the camera than in front. I recently stopped the life of a working momma and became a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) to be more involved in my littles life. Whenever I am not working on my Twiddle crafts, you will find me picking flowers with my daughter or learning how to shoot some hoops with my son. :)

Here are 20 random facts about me:
1.) I love avocado.
2.) Music moves my soul.
3.) I’ve been part of a dance team for the past 2yrs.
4.) I eat/drink with a raised pinky (naturally does it on its own), as if I was royalty in my past lifetime. (haha :P)
5.) I am a self-taught photographer.
6.) I prefer flowers over diamonds.
7.) I only wear makeup on special occasions.
8.) I love to go on nature walks & hiking.
9.) I haven’t had short hair in 3yrs.
10.) I get easily inspired in the most random moments.
11.) I love to craft/hand-make things.
12.) People get confused with my age & youthful appearance.
13.) I am very frugal.
14.) I hate making the bed in the mornings.
15.) I like to volunteer my time.
16.) I love scary movies but will not watch one alone.
17.) I am very quiet & shy around people, but I will not be quiet once you get to know me. :)
18.) I don’t like to post many photos of my babies online. I like to respect their privacy.
19.) My mother & I have the same mole by our upper lip.
20.) Family is the most important thing to me.

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