Necklaces Sale Coming Soon! Coupon Code in next Newsletter :)

H E L L O T H E R E, M Y P E O P L E S !
It’s been a while, huh?! Ha! It’s been a crazy long while, too tooooooo long!
I’m happy to be back in my little happy space here in virtual world again. Real life has been kickin’ me in the butt for a good while, so it’s great to get back into what I love doing.

I have been working on a couple of new things for ya… I’ll be releasing some of the newer and bigger stuff later on in the year as I’m still settling in a new place and trying to make space for it all. But, I want to start with these cute little numbers I’ve had for a while. These cute little necklaces will have leather, beads, sparkles, all that good stuff :-) Perfect for any little in your life! I have made my little Lila wear a few to test them out, so they are KID APPROVED! :-D

Sale will go live sometime next week with a fun coupon code for those subscribed to my newsletter. Be sure to subscribe in the sidebar or below to be the first to get notified when the sale begins and receive your coupon code.


Hope everyone is doing great! Let’s make 2016 AMAZING!
Love you guys! ♥

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