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Hi friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am as an individual… People who know me very well know that I am very confident in who I am, but sometimes it is difficult for me to get out there and show my true self. I’ve received a lot of criticism on my appearance and I think that is what holds me back sometimes (most of the time). I look like I’m 15, my voice has sort of a high pitch, some may say I’m as skinny as a twig, & I’m a shortie. All of that leads to, “You’re a mom? How old were you when you had your first child, 10?!”, “Are your kids adopted?”, “Awe, your sister/brother is cute!”, or I just simply get stared at, which is probably my least favorite! Most of the time, people don’t take me seriously because of my appearance. Sometimes, people just ignore what I have to say. It could be that I speak a little too low, or something, but all of this is a result of my experiences.


Who cares if I’m young & have two kids, they are doing very well & I’m taking care of my responsibilities. Who cares if I look like I’m 10, I’m going to look pretty good when I’m 50. Who cares if I’m skinnier than your pinky toe, I was just BORN THIS WAY! I didn’t know there was a requirement to look a specific way to be a mother or respected as an adult?

As human beings, we should all take time to think before we speak. Take time to actually consider someone else’s perspective before drawing our own conclusions and judging others. Take time to actually CARE about the other person and what they have to say!…
& That my friends, is my little rant of the day! Ahhhh, that feels gooooood! :P Haha! Thank you guys for listening!!! Stay positive, friends!


“Love yourself. Without your flaws, you wouldn’t be you!”

6 thoughts on “Reflecting / Random Thoughts

  1. This is so awesome! You go Maggie!!!! Even as a confident person, other peoples comments can get to you after a while. This is a great way and time to remind yourself that you are who you are. Your family loves you, your friends love you, and most importantly you love yourself. This is inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for this and I’ll share this quote that I absolutely love and keeps me going…

    “A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”


    1. Thank you so much for that quote, Denisse! ♥ & yes, it does get to you after a while… I guess I just really needed to get this out of my thoughts… It’s been lurking in there for a while and I finally decided to write it down… & make it public! Lol! Thank you for your comment & for being an inspiration as well! Sending you big HUGS! ♥

  2. Loved this Mags!

    I’ve been called a weirdo myself…and know from experience what it feels like to be judged in advance just for being kind of quiet for traditional standards. I think your family is beautiful and your kiddos are blessed for having such a cool and talented momma.

    I like your creative corner!, looking forward for more posts parts!

  3. You are so right, you’ll just look that much better than everyone else as you age ;) But all of that aside, I love the message of this post. Everyone struggles with self confidence yet we are all so quick to bring each other down (maybe that’s the low self esteem talking). This reminds me of a quote from my FAVORITE person all about self confidence: Ru Paul “What other people think of you is none of your damn business.”

    1. That’s right! ;) Thank you for that FABULOUS quote, Bre! Thanks so much for your comment, for following along, and for stopping by! ♥

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