DIY: Simple & Cute Tea Gift Idea

Hi friends! I’m a Tea girl & I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with tea! Especially if it’s a handmade gift. ♥ I stumbled across this cute pin on Pinterest the other day & it inspired me to create these cute & fun packages for tea gifting for my friends. I love what it says “Hot Tea, because that’s what you are, a HOTTIE!” Haha, cute & clever!
Things needed: Tea bags, small packaging bags, tags, twine, & a little bit of chocolate for extra yumminess (optional). All you need to do is package your goodies in the small bags, wrap it up with a little twine, and add your tag with your message. I hand-punched these tags, added small heart embellishments, and added the message, “Hot Tea for a HOTTIE! XOXO”. If you want to make this gift a little bit more special, you can make your own tea bags by simply buying loose tea at your grocery store and wrapping it up with coffee filters. You can also create your own packaging bags. Check out my tutorial on how you can DIY.

& There you have it, a super easy and clever tea gift idea to create for all your hottie friends! :) Send me your pics @TheTwiddles / #TheTwiddles on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.
Have a lovely day! ♥

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