DIY: Simple Packaging w/ Wax Paper Bags

the_twiddles_diy_packaging_wax_paper-22 Hi friends! The other day I was looking for clear glassine bags on google to order for packaging orders and gifts. There were lots to choose from and pretty inexpensive as well. They looked super easy to make, so I gave it a go. I used wax paper and the result was pretty similar. I only spent $1.50 on the wax paper & $.50 for the glue stick (Yay to being frugal)! :) You can use these bags to package anything! Like stationary, send snail mail, and cookies even! Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can create these simple packaging bags made out of wax paper:

Materials needed: Wax Paper Roll/Sheets, Glue Stick, Scissors, Cutting board or ruler.
1.) Gather your materials.
2.) Cut out a sheet of wax paper measuring approx 12″x 10″. You can cut out any size you’d like, these are the measurements I used for this example (bags sized approx: 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″).

(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

3.) Fold the left side of the paper to the middle and add glue using your glue stick.
4.) Fold the right side of the sheet enough to overlap the glue and press down firmly. At this point, you have two open sides (top & bottom) of the paper.
5.) Cut the ends of the four sides of the paper. This helps the bag look less cluttered when you fold the ends down.
6.) Add glue to the bottom tip of the paper.
7.) Fold up the bottom tip of the paper with glue to close the end and press down firmly.
8.) Add additional glue if needed.

the_twiddles_diy_packaging_wax_paper-20 & Your done! Cute little packaging bags for less than $3! Now they’re ready to get prettied up with cuteness. This is my favorite part, honestly. I love packaging because it gives me the freedom to add my own style and be creative. I’m big into pink & turquoise right now, so I used a light blue tape and wrapped it around the bag, wrapped a couple of layers of pink yarn, used one of The Twiddles heart labels, and added some scraps of ribbon that I bought from Target dollar spot.


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