DIY: Mini Glitter Clothespins

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter, everywhere! :) Who doesn’t love glitter?! I really love glitter, it’s soooo pretty! We were snowed in today, the kids were playing on their Nabi’s so, I decided to spice up my mini clothespins. I’m going to use these cuties on another project I will be posting soon. Just wanted to share a super quick and easy DIY on how to glitterfy your clothespins:

Materials needed: Glitter, Clothespins, foam brush or paint brush, Mod Podge, piece of cardboard, newspaper or leftover paper scraps, & hairspray (optional).

(click on images to enlarge)

1.) Gather your materials and layout your newspaper/paper scraps. Working on top of it helps the glitter from getting all over the place.
2.) Clip your clothespins on the piece of cardboard side by side. This helps applying the Mod Podge easier and quicker.
3.) Apply a few layers of Mod Podge using your foam brush. Make sure you see the top part of the clothespins covered in the glue.
4.) Grab your glitter and go crazy! Be careful you don’t get that glitter everywhere, it’s a pain to clean up! ;)
5.) Grab the cardboard and tap it against your newspaper to get rid of the extra glitter. Add a small spray of hairspray for extra hold.


& There you have it friends… Super cute glittery clothespins for all your crafts and goodies! I’d love to see pictures on how you used your glittery clothespins. Tag me on your blog post or @TheTwiddles on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook!


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