DIY: Simple Felt Gift Envelope

the_twiddles_diy_felt_gift_envelope-12-1 Hey there! My favorite season is here, Fall! Yippee! I love all seasons (especially Spring & Summer, NOT winter! Too cold :P), but it is something about fall that brings me joy. I think it’s the colorful leaves, crisp weather, more cuddles, and gift giving season is right around the corner. I created these cute little gift envelopes the other day to deliver some orders to customers. I thought it would be great to share with you all a simple DIY on creating these cuties to use for your personal gift giving this holiday season. Here’s what you’ll need: (Click on photos to enlarge)
the_twiddles_diy_felt_gift_envelope-1 Materials Needed: Sheet of felt, ruler or measuring tape, scissors, pinking shears (optional), & glue gun.

Step 1: Measure your item on the felt & cut out the appropriate measurements.

Step 2: Fold the felt and leave about 1.5in. open at the top for the flap. Note: If you decide on using pinking shears, I suggest cutting the edges during this step before applying the hot glue. Makes it easier. :)
Step 3: Add glue to the edges of the felt to create a pocket.

Step 4: Cut about .5in. from the edges of the flap diagonally. This helps the flap tuck in easily.
Step 5: Insert your gift, close the flap, & you’re done!

the_twiddles_diy_felt_gift_envelope-11 Don’t forget to add your own embellishments to it to give it an extra flair. The cuties pictured above will be available in our shop soon! I’ll post about it once they’re available. :) I hope all of you enjoy making this lovely envelope this Holiday Season! Don’t forget to tag your photos on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook: @TheTwiddles / #TheTwiddles

Have a lovely day!

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