DIY: Cupcake / Food toppers – **FREE Printable**

the_twiddles_diy_cupcake_toppers_free_printable-5-1 Hey guys! I wanted to thank all those who entered the Hola Holiday Giveaway that we hosted this past week. & Thanks a bunches for all your sweet comments about the prizes. Made me smile! :) I received a lot of compliments on my work especially on the cupcake / food toppers. So, I decided to share a super simple & easy DIY with a FREE printable file I created & used to create these cuties. The mini flags will read “Handmade with ♥ from my kitchen!” which makes this printable perfect for those who love to cook and/or bake.

Here are the materials needed: Colored card stock paper, Lollipop sticks, Permanent double sided tape, Scissors/Paper Cutter, and download the FREE Printable.

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Step 1: Click here to download the FREE printable and gather your materials.
Step 2: Print out the file on your choice of paper. Cut out the mini flags using your scissors/paper cutter. I used a ruler to help with keeping the lines clean while I used my paper cutter.

(click photos to enlarge)

Step 3: Once you’ve cut out all the mini flags, add the permanent double sided tape to the back of the paper. Tip: Add the tape to the edge of the paper to make the next step easier.
Step 4: Simply wrap the paper around the lollipop stick and you’re done. You created your first topper. :) Repeat steps 2-4 until you are done.

the_twiddles_we_say_hola_holiday_giveaway-1 Step 5: (Optional) Dress up your toppers with embellishments to fit any occasion. For the cuties pictured above, I used the Leaves & Mistletoe w/red button embellishments that are available in our shop.

& That’s it! You have adorable little toppers to add to your cupcakes or food this holiday season. I hope you guys enjoy this quick & easy tutorial for this fun topper. Make sure to share it with all your cooking & baking friends & share your photos on Instagram & Twitter tagging #TheTwiddles / @TheTwiddles. Have a great rest of the week!

xoxo -Mags

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