DIY: Pressed Flowers

the_twiddles_diy_pressed_flowers-6-1 Hey there! Have you ever received beautiful flowers and wanted to preserve them forever? I received these lovely flowers this past mother’s day & I really did not want to get rid of them. I used to create different crafts with pressed flowers when growing up and wanted to share how you can create your own pressed flowers. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can create your own:

Materials needed: Flowers, Large book, wax paper, & a large heavy item.

1.) Collect all your items. Make sure your flowers are NOT fresh out of the vase. You want most of the moisture out of the flower.
2.) Place your flowers on wax paper inside the book. Wax paper helps prevent any moisture left in the flower from ruining your book.
3.) Cover your flowers with the wax paper and close the book.
4.) Place your heavy item on top of the closed book. Leave the heavy piece on top of the book for about 1 week. 1 week will allow the flowers the flatten and dry out.
5.) After a week, open your book and check out your newly pressed flowers! :)

There are many crafts you can create with pressed flowers. I’m excited to start creating with these cuties. Let’s see what I come up with :) Enjoy!

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