DIY: Tin Can & Tape Organizer

the_twiddles_diy_tape_tin_can-7 Hey There! Hope your week is going well. I’ve been busy setting up my first craft corner, & I realized I needed a pencil holder for quick access to some materials. There are so many out there but none of them seemed to catch my attention or be the best bang for my buck. I LOVE to repurpose things and create new uses for them and decided to just make my own. :) Here is a really easy and quick DIY that can be done within 10 minutes. Materials needed – Tin Can, Colorful tape & Scissors: the_twiddles_diy_tape_tin_can Step 1: Gather materials, Step 2: Start wrapping tape around tin can, Step 3: Cut tape & repeat step 2, Step 4: VOILA! :) the_twiddles_diy_tape_tin_can-8


2 thoughts on “DIY: Tin Can & Tape Organizer

  1. What a great way to recycle and to bring out your personality around the desk! Love these! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

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