DIY: Quick & Easy Guacamole & Chips

the_twiddles_guacamole_chips-4-1 Hey there! I’ve been having a great time here in Texas with my family. I’m enjoying every single moment with my parents and trying to learn new mexican recipes & cooking tips. The other day Mamá Zam & I were a bit hungry but didn’t want a huge meal. We wanted something simple to get us through the day. Here’s a quick & delicious snack you can whip up anytime of the day:

Food Items needed: (The following will serve 2-3 people)
2 Avacados, 1/2 tomato, 1/4 onion, 1/2 lemon, salt, pack of corn tortillas, & cooking oil.
Cooking materials needed: Molcajete or bean masher, bowl, knife, spatula, 1 plate w/paper towel on top, & cooking pan.

1.) Smash 2 avocados. We couldn’t find our Molcajete so, my mom used a bowl and a bean masher.
2.) Cut the tomato and onion. Add it on top of the guacamole. Squeeze half a lemon on top of the guacamole and add a little bit of salt. Lemon & salt add a little bit of flavor and is not needed or required.

1.) Cut your tortillas in four. 10 tortillas = 40 chips. The amount of tortillas being cut depends on how many tortilla chips you want to make.
2.) Add 1/2 in. of cooking oil to your cooking pan and let it heat until it’s almost boiling. Be careful not to let it boil too much or it will start splashing/spilling out and can burn (See pick above for a visual).
3.) Once the oil is hot, set the heat to low & add some tortilla slices. NOTE: Leave the slices in the oil for 5-10 seconds. Leaving them longer will cause them to burn.
4.) Take out the tortilla slices using a Spatula and place them on a paper towel over a plate. They will harden on their own. Add a little salt for extra flavor.
the_twiddles_guacamole_chips-3 Once you’ve done the steps above, simply serve & enjoy! & If you’re wondering… Yes, those are chocolate covered strawberries. Be jealous! :P

Happy FRIDAY! ♥


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