DIY: Felt Flower Bouquet

Hey there! If you haven’t read my previous post, we surprised my parents this past Mother’s Day with a surprise visit. They were thrilled to see us and did not expect to receive such surprise. My momma had been asking for some felt flowers that she saw on my Instagram feed and previous DIY post, so I decided to make her a bouquet of felt flowers. She instantly fell in love and still cannot stop raving about them. :) I wanted to share with you guys a simple DIY that can help you create your own felt flower bouquet and give it to someone dear and special in your life. the_twiddles_felt_flower_bouquet-2 Materials needed: Felt paper, scissors, floral wire & tape, glue gun, needle & thread (optional). The steps are pretty straight forward:
1.) Decide how many flowers you are going to make & create the felt flowers (Here’s my previous post on DIY Felt Flowers). I used craft wood sticks in my previous post, and used floral wire & tape this time. I also sewed the flowers together to be able to wash them in the future.
2.) After your flowers are made, simply bunch them together and arrange them until you are happy with them. I added some Pom Pom flowers and some artificial leaves to finish the look.
3.) After that, simply add a vase and your done! Very simple, easy, and perfect gift that will ensure a long lasting life to your handmade flowers. ENJOY! :) the_twiddles_felt_flower_bouquet-1

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