DIY: Felt Flowers

thetwiddles_diy_felt_flowers-15-1My little Lila & I made these cute flowers a while ago with construction paper. I got the flower inspiration from here and the stem inspiration came from my school memories as a child. The outcome went pretty well considering it was our first time. She gave them to her teacher for her birthday but recently mentioned that they started falling apart. I do remember that it was a bit of a struggle to get the paper to stay glued together, so we decided to make them with felt paper to ensure a long life. :) Here’s a quick 10 step tutorial on how you can DIY and create these lovies to give to a special someone.

Step 1: Items needed (The following will make 6 flowers total)
• Felt paper – 3 green, 3 colors of your choice
• 1 Pen / Marker
• 6 Craft wood sticks
• Hot glue (Recommended) / Super glue
• Scissors

Step 2: Cut the green felt in half

Step 3: Add glue to a corner on the green felt & roll the felt on the stick

– Keep Rolling all the way through

Step 4: Glue the tip

Step 5: Cut your colored felt in half and draw a spiral

Step 6: Cut out the sprial

Step 7: Roll the spiral from the tip

Step 8: Roll all the way through
– Until it looks like this and glue the bottom together

Step 9: Fold the top part of the stem to give a leaf illusion

Step 10: Add glue to the stick and insert the flower

& VOILA… A pretty little felt flower! Send me a picture/comment if you give this a try! Have fun! :)

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