How-To decorate Twiddle Prints Valentine Cards

Now that Twiddle Prints is open and some Valentine goodies are up, here are some tips and ideas on how to decorate the cards and save some mula (money).

1. First, print out your Valentine Cards. I normally print at my local Staples store. They charge $1.00/100lb stock paper and $0.45 for printing in color! You can always buy your own pack of paper at any store like Michael’s, etc. *Remember that all cards on Twiddle Prints can be printed UNLIMITED amount of times, so make sure you make a head count to know how many cards you want to print out.

2. Valentine Card Design – ‘Just write for Me’:

All you need is a pack of pencils, a hole puncher and some lollipops – if you want to add something sweet. I found a pack of 8 pencils for $1.00 at the Target Dollar Spot! Seriously, you can’t beat that! Once you’ve printed out your cards, simply make a hole at both ends of the card and insert a pencil and/or lollipop. & VOILA! You are done! Super cute gifts letting your Valentine know that they are ‘Just Write for You’!

3. Valentine Card Design – ‘Bee Mine’:

What I did with these cuties: I bought a pack of cello bags at the Target Dollar Spot as well (20ct. for $1) and simply added some candies and attached the cards to the candy bags. That’s it! Super cute and very very inexpensive! The most expensive thing here would be the candy :P

4.Valentine Card Design – ‘Be Mine’ with Personalized Photo:

This Design is definitely my favorite of them all. It is just simple and cute with the added photo inside a heart! Ahhhhhh, ok ok! So, I found that this card can be used differently. But my fav is the one with the Heart lollipop attached. All you need is a bag of lollipops (10ct for $1.50 @ Target!) and some scissors. Once you have your cards printed, simply cut a small horizontal line right next to the heart where it says ‘Be Mine!♥’ and one below the word ‘Valentine’s Day’ and insert your lollipops. You can also use this design the same as the example above with the goodie bags.

All of these designs and the others that are on Twiddle Prints can be used and decorated differently for a very nice and unique gift on Valentine’s Day. Since you can print these cute cards on your own and UNLIMITED amount of times, the possibilities are endless! Here are some more photos for inspiration and make sure to send some examples in of what you have done with your personalized cards from Twiddle Prints!

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