Never Lose Hope – SALE !


Dear Friends,

How are you doing ?! It has been A WHILE, hasn’t it? I had to take a really longgggg break due to personal circumstances. I shared more about it on my Instagram feed, specifically on this image. Things happen. Life happens. And well, we move on and move forward. I’m finally in a better place now, and I’m ready to get back into things around here once again.

I decided that it’s time for a change. New items, new ideas, new ME! To make space for all of the goodness that is coming up, I decided to have a SPRING CLEAR-OUT SALE. 50% OFF all items in shop! Not Kidding you guys! I really want to rebrand everything. From my items, to the feel of my site and my marketing materials. I’ve had a lot of orders come in with this sale, and for that I’m forever grateful for your loyalty and for sticking by my side all this time.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for what’s to come! Much love!


Sale ends MARCH 31st, 2015. Use code “HOPE” upon checkout to apply 50% off.


*NEW* Felt Flower Bouquets & Other items!

Photo Apr 25, 2 34 43 PM
Hello lovely people! Hope you all had an amazing week. YAY to the weekend! I’ve been working really hard these past few weeks on new products to bring you all. So happy to announce that we now have a ‘Build your own Bouquet’ section available in our shop! These lovely hand-crafted felt flower bouquets are perfect to give to that special someone in your life to brighten up their day or to simply say ‘I love you’. The awesome thing about felt flowers is that they last forever!

Also, I added a couple of *Ready to Ship* mini bouquets with a price cut (no code necessary) and ready to be shipped out just in time for Mother’s Day:

*Ready to Ship* Mini Peach & Pink Felt Flower Bouquet
*Ready to Ship* Mini Peach & Pink Felt Flower Bouquet

*Ready to ship* Mini Red Rose & Anemone Felt Flower Bouquet
*Ready to ship* Mini Red Rose & Anemone Felt Flower Bouquet

*Ready to ship* Mini White Rose & Anemone Felt Flower Bouquet *Ready to ship* Mini White Rose & Anemone Felt Flower Bouquet

*Ready to Ship* Wild Flower Felt Bouquet *Ready to Ship* Wild Flower Felt Bouquet

If you want to receive items in time for Mother’s Day, deadline for *Ready to Ship* items is MAY 1st, all others APRIL 29th. Also, flower crowns will be added to the shop later this evening. Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the weather ♥


14, 15, & 16 / 52


“A portrait of my family, once a week, every week in 2014.”

Week 14: We’ve been struggling to eat as a family during the week. The days just go by so fast that by the time it’s dinner time, we just end up feeding the kids and eat after they’re in bed. I think we’re still trying to find the right balance in our schedules to make time for that. We’ve both had quite a few changes to our schedules that is it difficult to adjust after doing the same thing for so long. It’s also difficult to find time to cook a delicious meal! Geez, being a parent is hard! :P

Week 15: I finally have a bit of freedom in the weekends now. So, taking small trips is much easier to do. We had a better week than last week, so we decided to do a small celebration hike as a family. We went to Stone Mountain, NC for the first time. It is beautiful! We hiked the shortest trail to take it easy on the kiddos and ended up on top of the rock with an AMAZING view! Whew, it blew me away! We were able to enjoy a snack and the view for a good hour until the kiddos got cranky cause they got bored. We tried to teach them how to relax and enjoy a view that we don’t get to see too often and enjoy being there in the moment. Lila is getting better at that, but Lucian still needs a bit more time. We had a lovely day! ♥

Week 16: Easter Week! We spent it working. But on Easter Sunday we went back to Falls Lake and had a nice and healthy lunch by the lake. It was a GORGEOUS day out compared to the previous days. The cold came back but it warmed up just in time for Easter festivities. After a big lunch, Daddy and the kiddos enjoyed a game of soccer and did a small hike, of course. I love these times! The times we enjoy each other together as a family. No work, no rush… just us together & enjoying nature. ♥


11, 12, & 13 / 52


“A portrait of my family, once a week, every week in 2014.”

Week 11: Our little Squishy went to turtle heaven this week. We are unsure of the cause but we are thinking he may have hurt himself when one of the kiddos accidentally dropped him. We noticed a bit of change in his personality a few days prior, but never thought that he would pass. We gave him a proper burial and said our good-bye’s. We will miss you Squishy! You will forever be in our hearts! ♥

Week 12: We had a good week. The kiddos seem to have been getting along much better than before. It’s a sign of growth, a sign that my kiddos are growing and learning how to love each other more and more everyday. Lila, being the leader that she is, helped Lucian read and write quite a lot this week. If my 5 year old is able to read, it is because we help him here at home & at school, but also because he has a big sister that encourages him. I love to see them like this. I just hope this is not a phase! :P

Week 13: This week we focused on the importance of family. My parents live in Texas but we try to Skype with them every chance we get. We want our kiddos to be close to our parents. Not just love and miss grandma & grandpa because they let them get away with everything and feed them junk for dinner, but love them for who they are as human beings. It is difficult to teach something like this to a child, but not impossible. They have very kind and open hearts at this age. If we learn a way to teach them to stay that way, they will make a difference in this crazy world. :)


Super Amazing GIVEAWAYS! – *CLOSED*

Photo Apr 01, 7 48 241 AM
Hi friends! Hope you all are doing well! Just wanted to give you guys a quick update in regards to two amazing giveaways that I am part of and have collaborated with lots of amaziiiing shops on Instagram. The first giveaway is called #GetHappyandBright hosted by @MinaLovesBows. All you have to do is follow all the shops listed on the photo, repost the photo and use the hashtag #gethappyandbright to enter. Luck winner will receive all of the amazing items pictured including one of our felt wildflower wreaths. Giveaway will run through April 7th, 2014.
Photo Apr 04, 2 05 59 AM

Photo Mar 31, 6 00 17 PM
The second giveaway is called “Flowers for Mom” & it is hosted by @PrettyPrintShop. This giveaway will be a little different from most giveaways – instead of entering yourself to win, you nominate a mom that you think deserves some happy mail, and she will be entered to win all of the amazing prizes pictured above! All you have to do: 1. Repost this photo and tag #flowersformom and tag @prettyprintshop. In your caption also let us know who you are nominating & why! 2. Giveaway will run from April 1st to April 15th. 3. Multiple entries: Please do not enter the same mom multiple times. If you would like to enter different moms, please make a different post for each one. 4. Private users: Make sure to tag @prettyprintshop in the PHOTO, NOT in the caption. If you do not do it this way we will not be able to see your entry and your nomination will not be entered. 5. At the end 5 deserving moms will be selected by @prettyprintshop and the additional 9 contributing shop owners in the giveaway will vote on the winner. Here is a picture of the felt flower bouquet one lucky momma will receive:
Photo Apr 03, 12 40 09 PM
Thank you so much for following along friends! & If you’d love to receive any of these goodies, make sure to enter these giveaways. You can also find more information on my Instagram page.

Have a lovely Friday! ♥